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Parent Communication

At The Tiny Toes Nursery Club, we understand the importance of direct, clear and frequent communication with our Parents.We use a state of the art app for parents to communicate with us at all times.

At the press of a button, our parents can be kept updated with their children’s progress. Our Tiny Toes Nursery Club team can send updates, including photos and observations of children. Parents can view their child’s next steps and progress reports from anywhere to help them to continue their development at home.

Diary Updates

We share live updates of what each child has been doing at nursery.
We give our parents updates on their child throughout the day, leaving them with peace of mind knowing that whilst they are at work or home, their child is safe, happy and receiving a solid foundation for their education and development.

Learning Journeys

We share each child’s progress and special achievements with our parents.
We create a strong partnership with our parents through the Parent App by sharing children’s progress with parents regularly, keeping them updated and informed with golden moments, reports and assessments.

Billing Features

Our parents can receive invoice information and view detailed payment receipts. Parents can view invoices & receipts in one place.

Observations from home

Our Parents can also share the special moments captured at home, or anywhere.
We enable our parents to be more involved in their child’s development by capturing moments and sharing observations from home with us at the Tiny Toes Nursery Club to build on. Parents can also send in their own comments.

We utilise the Blossom Educational app.